Rainbow Refrigeration was established in 2003, for the past twelve years we have become one of the leading refrigeration and air-conditioning and appliance repairs company in the greater Gauteng area…

The backbone to our business is a first class maintenance services 365 days per year, a dedicated service team provide an informative, friendly and efficient service.

At Rainbow we are proud to be the first choice of any air-conditioning or refrigeration or appliance repairs or maintenance or services for so many people in the greater Gauteng area,

Company Vision:


  • To provide outstanding customer service.
  • To value our clients and aspirations in business.
  • To add value through innovative strategies.
  • To offer high quality services.
  • To charge acceptable fees for our services.
  • To have a philosophy of continuous improvement.
  • To outperform our competition.
Company Values:


  • To conduct business with integrity.
  • To be professional.
  • To provide a quality service.
  • To provide reliable service.
  • To be accessible for new ideas.
  • To advance in accordance with the needs of the industry
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